Oh, Brother!


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Oh, Brother!

BASS - Tim Schubbe

Tim is our Momma's boy in the quartet and he still calls her to see if it's okay to play outside. We're not saying he's over cautious, but his idea of risk taking was that day in 1st grade when he almost colored outside the lines. Tim's favorite pastime is reading instruction manuals and thankfully his parents raised him with the greatest instruction manual of them all - the Bible. His love of Gospel harmony led him to Barbershop singing and he is now on an adventure that is finally taking him outside the lines.

BARITONE - Thom Schubbe

Thom does his best to stay out of trouble, but with 30 plus years in barbershop and other choral groups, what can you expect from a baritone. His love of comedy, harmony, and theater all seem to get jumbled up at times, and frankly, a bit carried away. Thankfully he is forgiven (at least for everything so far). His brothers in harmony put up with most of it, and his wonderful wife is skeptical but patient. Lord knows how they’ve tried.

LEAD - Matt Strum

Matt is the lead in the Oh Brother quartet and has been singing his whole life. He grew up in a small town in Northeast Iowa and was said to have woken up many a neighbor singing the New Hampton school song at the top of his lungs as he peddled his tricycle around the block. Never mind that it was usually around 5:30 in the morning. He has sung in the Nordic Choir at Luther College, in many church events, and been in many musicals. He has been Harold Hill in The Music Man, Rueben (the oldest brother) in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (SOAR Arts) and most recently as Caracticus Potts in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (Rosetown Playhouse). He is thrilled to get to sing with an amazing group of gentlemen (and Thom... :) )

TENOR - Jerry Morton

Jerry has been singing with a variety of ensembles for 33 years. In addition to large and small church choirs Jerry sang for four years with the prestigious Zürich Mixed Choir while living in Zürich, Switzerland. His small group background includes 15+ years with male quartets including barbershop. Jerry has a love for the joy and peace that comes from music. "Music is chicken soup for the soul!"